Churidar Suit

What do you mean by Churidar cloths?

Churidar is a type of tight pant wear by both women and men. It got its name from Hindi word “Churi” which means bangles as it gives bangles like look when worn.¬† Though it is a Hindi word but now it is accepted in English also which makes it most common word in dressing design. It is a type of pant or lower which is broad at top which gives comfort and narrow at bottom for fitting which gives spring like look of that of bangles. It is generally stitch longer than the size of person so that at ankle few folds can be made to gives chudidar look. Nowadays, it is also made of stretchable dress materials in order to give tight fitting look. Men often wear it with kurta or long shirt and women wear it with kameez or suit.

Churidar salwar kameez is one of the most important variant in this section which is though very tradition yet very trendy and carries the comfort of wearing it at any occasion like festivals, wedding, kitty party etc. Churidar salwar kameez comprises of tight fitting churidar pyjamas or lower and Kameez is a type of tunic for women. Because if the elegance and glamour it carries with it, this dress is very popular with young woman not in Indian sub continent but also in USA.

Anarkali  churidar is a also very famous attire of woman which got its name from Mughal courtesan named Anarkali who was famous for her beauty. It is a type of long kameez which look like a frock at end which gives an umbrella like look. It is very famous in Indian Bollywood divas who dress themselves in this suit to give traditional look and youth who consider them role model also embraces this dress in order to look stunning and beautiful.

In global fashion world, Indian churidar suitis very famous as it is very comfortable and it comes in various designs and fabrics, handcraft of embroidery of beads, pearl, stones etc add the beauty of this dress material and it is always in hot demand in global market.
Churidar Suit is a traditional as well as comfortable for today’s women who want to wear ethnic cloth yet not have the time wrap sari as it took long time so good for every woman. One can easily browse through online shopping portal and select the best design, color and fabric of churidar as per her choice to look graceful and elegant.