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What do you mean by Saree?

Saree is considered as one of the most traditional, ethical yet elegant and trendy dress material of woman. It is one of the most sacred dress materials of Hindu i.e hindu saree. The name is derived from Sanskrit word “satti” which means strip of cloth. Saree is generally rectangular in shape with length 5 to 6 meter and breathe 1 meter. Being traditional yet simple to wear it has got three parts, one the rectangular long cloth, other is like tight shirt called blouse and peticote wore at the bottom.

Saree is worn by wrapping it around waist in form of drape and ending the other end well placed on the shoulder. More than 80 different styles of draping result in different styles of wearing sarees. Being comfortable to wear and easy to carry with enormous amount of design and draping pattern involved, it has become a global attire cherished by woman worldwide especially it has become very popular in USA.

Saree carries along with it traditional charm and culture, and with trendy look added with comfortable fabrics and dazzling blends of colors, it adds to the beauty and grandeur of woman. In the global fashion world market, it has emerged as big player with different varieties available in the market in various stunning color and fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk etc along with heavy embroidery work of gotta, stones, beads, heavy fabrics.

Benarasi Saree is one of the most cherish dressing material for woman and holds important place in wedding sarees collection. It is considered as one of the most important attire of bride as it adds huge amount of grace and grandeur to her. It is world famous for its embroidery and hand work. Silk Sarees are also very famous which every women would love to have it which is made of good quality of silk on which gold and silver tread work is done. Cotton sarees are comfortable in hot and humid conditions and popular with working ladies, chiffon sarees are also very popular because of its light weight and flashing color it gives to woman who adore it.

Bollywood sarees are always in hot fashion as people who follows their iconic heroines, follow their dress styles also. The beautiful divas of bollywood presents various designer sarees with stunning color and fabrics with heavy embroidery and hot and bold deep cut and figure flaunting draping styles becomes style icons in global fashion world.

Indian sarees are always in demand in global fashion world because it gives stunning and flaunting look to woman as it comes heavy embroidery work of sequins, stones, metal, beads, pearl etc which is perfect blend of tradition and modern trends.