Patiala Suit

What is Punjabi Suit?

¬†Since time immortal, dressing styles of woman has been always guided by comfort, convenience and modern fashion. Comfort plays a very important role in dressing styles of woman. So considering this fact in mind, Punjabi Suit holds a key position in designer’s world. It has got historic background as king of Patiala in Punjab, India use to wear a pleated and baggy type salwar with long loose kameez or shirt with full sleeves which makes him look royal as a king, therefore it gets its name as Punjabi Suit. In modern time, this dressing design is copied by woman in order to get comfortable and royal feeling.

Patiala is a lose pant or lower with many pleats or also called dhoti look pant for women. Patiala is a name given to the salwar or lower worn by Punjabi women and other parts of India and also famous in USA. This salwar is stitch by double size of originally required so that as many as folds or pleats can be made. These folds make it a loose and comfortable dress which women love to wear as it looks traditional yet it gives trendy look.

Patiala Suits is also known as Punjabi suits. Today’s women like variety in their dressing sense and Patiala suits match to their needs. Women like this dress as it is comfortable for daily wear and also comes in light fabrics like chiffon, jorjet and synthetic clothes with nice colors and design. When one finds for a party wear or for any festivals one can get this dress made of good fabrics like silk with various kinds of work and design on it with stones gold or silver treads, etc.

Patiala salwar suit is also linked with Afghani dress as both style consists of lose pants with many folds. Nowadays  Laila trouser style salwar is demand which is a perfect party wear or ready to dance in party wear .This trouser is like Patiala pant and it has short top with lasses or heavy work generally. Now straight and stripes Patiala salwar is also in fashion trends which bollywood divas wear in their item songs in order to look stylish and young youth also follow their dressing styles in order to look stunning and fashionable. It is available in various designs and pattern with stunning color; one can easily select the best Patiala suits online for various occasions of life.